Monday, April 06, 2015


i can not believe that i am almost half way through this pregnancy!
Life has been so busy and with my working as a seasonal farm hand, its going by so fast!
i am now 19 weeks- 20 on Friday! SO crazy!!!
i had been dreaming of seeing that word for so long i almost didnt believe it! =)
right after the test- shocked and excited!
this picture is how we told our families on Christmas day
zoomed in pic of our Peanut

red eyed from tears of joy!

 Below is my Favorite and i leaving the doctors office- SO excited!!

8 weeks and queasy most days

Grand ambitions to take weekly shots with the chalkboard to document the progress... hasnt happened!

A dear friend at church is three months ahead of me- She is due in June with a little girl!!

We were able to get a surprise!
A non scheduled ultrasound to find out we are having a
Little Dude!
So excited and cant wait to meet him!! Dreams and prayers are already filled with thoughts of him and the man he will grow into. Watching my sister with her boys, and soon to be daughter, i know it goes by fast! i am enjoying every moment i have with my Little Dude! i look forward to meeting him, smelling him, loving on him, teaching him, growing with him and living life with him! Mr. J and i are so incredibly blessed with our Little Dude already! i thank God daily for him!!

i will do what i can to take more pictures and belly shots! We will be around, and getting round-er! =)