Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im just me

my hair's not blonde

an' im no size 2

my eyes change colors, but sure arent blue

but i love to laugh

and make others smile

stick around, ill be your friend for a while

i dont think ill get much taller

an' though im tryin'

i may not get any smaller

sun up, till it goes down

i work really hard

to get lots done at home or in town

my teeth arent straight

in my small mouth

an' the color of my hair, well its fake

though im not most guys' "type"

there IS a man made just for me

who's gonna think im out-of-sight!

Saturday, April 09, 2011


For a girl who longs to be married, weddings can be bitter-sweet. Within the last week i have had three- not one, not two, but THREE wedding showers to go to! With each one that i set out to attend, i prayed that God would allow me to be a blessing, and encouragement, but also to enjoy the time of fellowship and pampering to each of these future brides. God's grace is amazing! As i came away from each one, i was encouraged. A little bit of hope kindled at each one, and a passion for Christ's love to so well up in me, that it would be the biggest part of my future relationship!! i learned lots of wisdom and advice from other married ladies that were present, all of which i wrote in a notebook for my husband, that way we can remember it together later! God is good, and to that i am holding on to!!!