Thursday, October 21, 2010


No, not an express over-night delivery service- a Dear Husband Letter.
i have seen blogs that call them HTB (Husband to Be letters) but i liked DHL better. =)

You see i have been writing "him" for almost 12 years now! (that is so hard to believe!) i have kept notebooks of thoughts and prayers for him, dreams and hopes to do with him. Some of them make me smile- when i look at the things that were important to me at 13. My growth is portrayed in the change of my handwriting and topics, along with the situations that surrounded me.

i dont write as often as i would like, but my thoughts and prayers are with him daily. This world is becoming steadily more difficult for a man to be not only a manly-man, but one after God's own heart.

This morning at church, through a conversation with one of the older gentlemen, we got to talking about his wife. He would praise her and talk of the things they have learned together. He said, "A happy wife makes for a good life!" i smiled and mentioned wanting that. He grabbed my hand and said, "Well, lets pray for him!" Right there in the back of my little church, this man, though i dont know him well, was praying for me, and my husband. i could not repeat his prayer, for i dont remember it verbatim, but it touched my heart.

God sent Mr. D to me today. i know that there are plenty of people praying for me and my husband, but they all know me! Here this man moved at the prompting of God's Spirit, and blessed me!

God does have a man for me. i dont know where he is, but God does! One day, soon maybe, we will be together, and i will be able to blog my story! For now, i shall continue to write my DHLs...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Surfing

i mentioned in my last post about watching/playing with T and MG.
Well, i had to share something that T did last night.
We were in the play room and i looked over and he was standing on a book. Instead of fussing at him to get off, i asked if he was surfing.
He looked at me as if i was from Mars, but said "I dont know how to surf!"
So, feeling a bit like Drea from Secret Adventures, i painted the scene around him.
The warm sun, cool, clear water, and the awesome waves begging for us to ride them!
We laid on our bellies and "paddled" out to where the BIG waves were breaking.
After getting ready, we would look behind us as the monster waves would lift us on the aqua-roller-coaster ride!
After catching so many perfect waves, i thought it would be fun to have a "wipe out"
After standing on our books, er umm, boards, we tumbled into the water below.
Reaching the shore, i shivered and T started bobbing up and down with his head to one side. Mind you, he is 2 1/2- i asked what he was doing, and he simply stated that he had "wader in my ear"
And here i was thinking that imagination was lost on this generation! =)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing House

As a kid, i would always play, pretty much the same things....

'you grow up'
'meet a man'
'get married'
'have kids'

by the time my sisters and i would get to this point, it would be time to go eat or something and so the cycle would start again the next day. . .

As i have grown, the "playing house" hasnt really stopped. As preparation for running my own house own day, my mom has built in practical ways to take care of little ones and run the house.
Practice has come in many forms and over the years has also increased in responsibility, though i am not at the time of having my own place, yet! =)

Today i went to help a dad in my Community Group (aka- Bible Study Group)
His wife is on a spiritual women's retreat, and they has two little munchkins- T is 2 1/2 years old and MG is 9 1/2 months. In order for him to get work done he needed someone to watch them. I volunteered, i love those kids anyways, and went not really knowing what i was getting into!

Arriving at 8:30 this morning, i walked in to half-eaten breakfasts, laundry strewn about, and kids still in their pjs. T was to be at preschool at 8:45, and was not ready! Needless to say, i tried to help as best i could, but i found myself praying for single parents! i dont know how they do it on a regular basis!

Once the guys left it was MG and me, and i got to "play house" all over again, only for real. There was a meeting at their house tonight, so i cleaned up for that, taking care of laundry, and keeping Little Bit on her schedule. There were blow-outs that needed to be cleaned, snacks to prepare, bottles to make, toys to organize, and the domain was "mine" (so to speak) to run for the day.

As tiring as it was, i enjoyed it. There was a sense of accomplishment that was fulfilling. It made me long for my own home and family, but showed me that i can do it. i feel i am ready, just waiting on the "Mr." element. =) i know there is much more to learn - i am in no way saying i have it all down pat! so in the mean time, so we shall see what happens the next time i get to "play house" =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


whats a girl have to do or be to be worth pursuit?
why has the moral of men sunk so low, that questions cant even be asked?
why is it guys like blondes better?
why do you have to have a flawless face and be skinny to get a conversation?
why do 'bad girls' get good guys and 'good girls' get stuck waiting?
whats the point in waiting for a man, if this world is only full of boys?
how does one throw up lunch, its much too painful if you wait too long, does it get easier?
do diet pills really work, or cause more damage in the long run?
why does what people think bother me when only One's thoughts are what matters?
how does one forget mistakes, or the past, when they only haunt you in the weak moments?
why do dreams seem so far away? is it foolish to dream?
what difference am i making, am i at all?
whats wrong with me, that i'm not worth getting to know?
why are there forceful, and hateful men who seem to get away with wrong doing?
why are there sick women who try and want to get rid of their kids?
why arent more righteous raised up like in Bible times?
how come you feel better after a good cry?
why is there such darkness when Light is offered?
why is my mind plagued with these questions when the Truth is echoing in my head?