Mr. and Mrs.

Here is our story-

In the beginning, God Created....

There it began and since that day He has been wooing us ever to His heart.
About 30 years ago God created a man, a wonderful Hunk of a man who was designed to be MY husband!

Our journey was full of adventures and lessons learned.

Abandoning what we thought to be true and finding the TRUTH that would free us!

We were brought together in a way only a creative God like our could do - through a milkshake =)

Its our pleasure to tell you the story, for it is our favorite!
i was just doing my job taking care of customers at Chick-fil-A and he was my favorite!
Months after lunchtime and quick-break visits, GOD led us to embark on the greatest adventure of this life!
In May of 2011 we started courting and Mr. J proposed to me that September. We were married on 
(This link is from a good friend of ours who took pictures for fun at our wedding!)

(Isn't he just SO handsome? His deep blues melt me!) 
Here is my Mr. J - this is one of my favorite pictures of him! 

i don't like having my picture taken and i am more comfortable behind the camera, but since my husband will confiscate my camera from time to time, there are a few out there...

Our life as  of now is quiet and simple. We live in a barn and have five four-legged "Neigh"-bors!

Christmas lights!
Our front door!

our home sweet home!

Mr. J and i have moved from our little barn apartment into my parents house. We have a room to ourselves and has provided us a way to save some money and pay down on some debt. In March 2013 we found out we were pregnant!
We were so excited- however, nothing could prepare us for what GOD had in store for us.
For a full story you can read it here.
We have learned much and grown lots over the months after having to say goodbye.
One of the main things is that GOD is faithful, He is a Faithful GOD!