Sunday, April 08, 2012

"that" girl. . .

When i was younger- i read a great book by Debi Pearl about becoming a 'Help Meet'.
In my life, my goal was to learn and start working on ways to be the BEST wife/helpmeet for my husband.
This is a great ambition, but can be difficult when you dont know who he is, and the personality he will have. . .
In Mrs. Pearl's book, she breaks guys into three categories. They are labeled
Mr. Command Man
Mr. Steady
Mr. Visionary
With each character she breaks down how they may act, think and ways you as a helpmeet can be a support, strength, fan, and of course helpmeet!
i have not re-read her book in a few years, but not long after meeting Jon, i have realized i have married Mr. Visionary. =)
i want to go and re-read the book, but i have learned one thing... He dreams BIG!
i dont EVER want to be a wet blanket to his goals, dreams, or ambitions... even if i think things should be done differently. i can be supportive, a voice of reason, but HOW i respond will affect him and his future visions and dreams.
After talking with him the other night, he gave me a hug and told me "thank you for being so supportive"
i told him this, (and it is something i want to stay true to it)

"i would much rather be the girl that holds your kite's string, than the one that pops your bubbles"

Monday, April 02, 2012


As you can see my blog is in the construction phase of a much needed makeover!
Now that i am married, i would like to think i will be a better blogger- but seeing that i have been married almost a month (that does NOT seem possible!) and i still dont have crucial items unpacked, i am not sure that its off to a good start....

i decided with the new address, and name change we might as well and get a new job too!
(not really- God led this opportunity to me and so i am taking it. i was not looking and as excited as i am to start next week, i am nervous too!)
i am wrapping up my last two events at the SBCV and my last week at Chick-fil-A. i have made managers question, and customers cry, i have had the support of the church planters and the prayers of my family. (which i covet if you feel so inclined to lift up the sporadic blogger to our Father- He knows all the details)

Anyways, i wanted to share the blessings from my wedding. But seeing how my time is stretched thin with many things right now, i dont have the time. So i point you to this blog. K is such a sweetheart and did an A-Mazing job with pictures at my wedding! Not only did she catch the raw candid shots, but edited and compiled them B-E-A-Utifully! i hope you enjoy seeing some of the fun we had, and hopefully there will be more pictures and posts to come--- soon!