Saturday, March 26, 2011

i miss him!

Its kind of funny how quickly someone can steal your heart.
One look and your breath catches in your lungs-
you swallow your heart-
and in that moment you know you would do ANYTHING for them.
He is no different- and i miss him like crazy!
The way he said my name-
and the way he'd sit and cuddle with me-
waiting for me at the door when i'd come home from work-
locking my car from the house window to hear it *beep*
just hearing him talk, and tell stories of things that happened or were important to him...

Time passes quickly... seems like just yesterday this was where we were-

We had a bond from the very beginning. . . Something about a fellow thumb-sucker, and being his oldest aunt, i don't know, but i fondly hold each memory made with him- from over night trips, cuddling in bed, or road-trips to Florida!

i can't believe that my little man will be two on Monday! He is all the way in Tennessee, and i will miss being there to dote on and celebrate with him. BUT- i will see him soon, and our relationship will continue to grow... for nothing will come between-

Bubito and Nina! Happy (early) birthday!! Love you!!

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Meg said...

Bubby misses his "Nina" too! Such a sweet post and brought tears to this hormonal mommy's eyes seeing how much my little man has grown! We love you very much and can't wait to see you again!