Saturday, March 02, 2013


Allow me to introduce myself : i'm that girl that has a blog and seldom will post...
Grand ideas and hopes to change that... we will see!
It has been so long i scarce remember how to do things on my blog, and there is still plenty here i need to update and fix!
i wont jibber-jabber or go on for pages, i will just post a few pictures of the last year. . . my first year (almost) as a MRS! *Eep* =)


i told myself i would not cry, but moments before my turn to walk down the aisle, that was the only emotion that surface. i was excited, nervous and all the waiting, planning and dreaming was ending in a beautiful reality!
i told J not to cry- but there were tears in his eyes too!

This is one of my favorite pics from the wedding! There are so many special memories from that day, and so many i am sure that i missed! So thankful for pictures, family and friends!!

Mr and Mrs Panch!

The months after our wedding were a bliss and challenge - i tried to tackle being the best homemaker wife i could be, and juggle a full-time job, and house. Needless to say there were days of tears, and frustrations, but we are learning and growing and laughing and enjoying each moment we have together!


(above) For my birthday my wonderful husband took me to Williamsburg for the day! It was pouring down rain, but that did not stop us from a good time! =)
(left) a-mazing Greek food was our first stop!

there was a barrel that had just enough water to cast a perfect reflection!

 (left) This picture always makes me laugh b/c he looks like one of those Big-Headed Character drawings! =)

(right) No- my husband is not a smoker, he got stung by a bee and the little person in authentic dress whipped out a safety kit and applied this baking soda concoction stick. Took the swelling and the sting right out, the picture just looks funny!

just us! 

didnt have the camera settings right, but still a fun pic

On a ferry ride to Oakracoke Island!

Pictures posted here range over the year from islands to mountains - we have fun and try to document wherever we go! =)

i will hopefully be able to post more often - (i know what you're thinking - "She's said that before")
Where we live there is little to know internet service. i work using a hotspot, and that is not always reliable! (i think dial-up would be faster at times!) i am thankful for where we are, and i love every minute in being his MRS!

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