Wednesday, July 01, 2015

30 weeks

Well- here I am down to single digit weeks left in my pregnancy and have I done weekly belly shots?
Have I blogged through the changes and growth of our little one?
Well no since in focusing on what has not been done- here is an update! =)

How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Size of Baby: About 3.5 lbs and 16ish inches long 
Gender: Boy!! 
Name: We call him Little Dude because we are waiting till birth to reveal his name!! 
Maternity Clothes: I'm pretty sure I have been wearing maternity clothes since I got a positive test! =) The full panel pants and shorts I find more comfortable, unless I have a belly-band on (which are amazing)
Movement: He moves around a bunch at different times of the day. I love feeling him move: kick, punch, roll, stretch and especially respond to his daddy talking to him!
Cravings: I really have not had any serious cravings. There are times certain things sound good to me at certain times, which I guess would make it a craving... I am just not like crazed over it till I get it. I have enjoyed the fresh veggies of summer time and especially watermelon!! 
Medically: This pregnancy has been an adventure. I was told around 12 weeks that my thyroid needed to be managed with a prescription and I tested positive for Group B Strep. When it came time for my glucose test 2.5 weeks ago- I failed that and had to go in this past week for a three hour fasting blood drive! I was wondering if I was going to have any blood left! We will see those results soon!
Best Moment of the Week: Yesterday Mr.J and I took my sisters to Kings Fest. It is a tradition and though I didn't ride anything, it was fun hanging out and enjoying the day. One of the booths there was "Rock for Life" (a pro life booth we have enjoyed talking with and supporting over the last few years) This year they had casted rubber babies in the sizes and weights at different stages of pregnancy- 8 wks, 12 wks, 15 wks etc... The largest one they had was... 30 weeks!!! I cried picking it up and holding it close to my own little 30 weeker! The reality of meeting Little Dude flooded me as I felt him kick! My heart broke knowing little ones like him are aborted on a daily basis! I thank God for every day that I have had with him and look forward to all the others God has written for us!!!

This is the little 30 week baby; amazing to think Little Dude would be ok if he was born now- I just can't wait to meet him!!

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Delighting in Jesus said...

Yay, Erin!! So close! You know, the last couple weeks I soaked in a bath with half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar every day or so....this supposedly helped me from being Group B positive (my midwife didn't test me since it can be fluctuating all the way up until delivery and its rarely fatal). Just a thought if you enjoy baths...I loved them :)!