Monday, June 07, 2010

The best part of waking up. . .

. . .is the Folgers in your cup!
Its a jingle thats been around for years.
You sing the first part and there is bound to be someone near by who can finish it!
It wasnt enough just for the jingle to get to you, so a few years back they started in on the Hallmark-type commercials that just make you go "Aww," as you sip your coffee.
From kids home from school, or soldiers overseas, they have marketed their coffee to pull on the 'Aww' strings of your heart. (well at least for me, I think they are cute)
Tonight I saw a new one. I could not find it on the web, but be on the look out! For it is precious and goes back the way things should be.

You see a father and older daughter talking in the kitchen as he is making coffee. She mentions something about not being sixteen anymore and that her dad will no longer have to do this thing they were talking about. He stops and asks why? She smiles big and holds out her left hand... engaged!
Ok, small aww factor there, but in my mind I was like- really? Thats cute and all but her dad should have already known b/c the guy should have asked his permission. Before I could voice my own opinion on how the commercial could be better the dad says, "You know Todd is a lucky guy,... thats what I told him last week when we talked."

There you go! BIG time "Aww!!!!"
THATS the way it should be.
The girl at home.
The boy talking to her dad before he proposes.
The surprise and happiness that is evident on the girl as the look of being cherished washes over her.
I hope you are able to catch it. I am going to keep looking for it, and then maybe I can post it in here! =)

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