Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The heart speaks. . .

i can NOT take credit for the creativity of this post, nor the pictures listed. I copied them from another blog i follow because it was so great! She did a good job, and its so true! =)
Has the world completely gone mad? Really, is there any love left?? Maybe this just sounds like random babbling, but I ask YOU to take a look at these images and judge for yourself...
'Go Home.'

What?! Does anyone else remember the days when candy hearts said things like; I love you - You're Beautiful - Marry me? (although I did always wonder how many people actually used a candy heart to propose...) But 'Go Home'? Come on! A slap in the face from a piece of candy is what that is! Truly the world has lost it.
Oh yeah, this is a step up.
Who doesn't want candy with MAGIC randomly put on it?

Awwww- you're moderately fine, too.

I love you like a clogged artery in the bottom of my heart.

Oh. Sure... No, no! It's fine... I'll just... You know... Go out and buy a fax machine now...

I mean sure, movies are getting worse, kids are more disrespectful, good morals are becoming rare- But now the candy hearts are corrupt?! Pretty soon we'll have candy hearts with: I don't like you - You're fat - I know where you live... printed on them.
Colors = Happiness, so they'll probably all be black soon...

*sigh* If nothing else, the gummies haven't failed me yet.

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