Sunday, January 30, 2011


There is a wonderful peace that comes when you leave baggage at the cross.
i have heard this before, and i have prayed before, but to take a physical action, write down the burden and tac it to the cross was a free-ing experience. Humbling at the same time, because i had to face the ugly truth of things i had been trying to avoid and step around.
i will say that hatred is awful. It will eat at you, ruining other relationships, but most importantly stunt growth in your relationship with Christ.
i have been here in this place- for too long. i have let fear, distrust, and hurt eat me from the inside out. i have had nightmares over my thoughts, and it has driven me to the passage in 1John where it talks about- "How can you love Me whom you have not seen, and hate your brother whom you have seen?" It goes through my head in circles when situations arise that make me face the persons that evoke these feelings.
i can remind myself that i am no different when i tell a "white" lie. But that doesnt help in the healing process.
Tonight, i let it go. i know that there will still be times when those feelings may rise back up, but i have pinned to the cross, and the sinless blood that was spilled on it, has covered it, and overcome it. So when those feelings start to rear their heads, i will remember the actions i took tonight and rest in the grace that God provides.
There is freedom that comes with the peace, and so now i can rest. i bid you goodnight, and if you have something weighing on your mind- take it to the cross. Leave it there- and REST in PEACE!!!

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