Sunday, May 01, 2011

Knight vs. Prince

As a little girl -and even now as a somewhat grown-up girl- i dream of my story.
When i was younger, that dream was influenced by stories and movies, that focused a "prince" to wait for. The underlying theme in them was that a prince would, some how save the day, or just because of a certain noble position, be eligible to marry the princess.
This is all well and fine, just a little off as i have thought it over more.
i think that i want to be with a "Knight"
A knight is still along the lines as a prince, in that he must be in a certain position to be eligible for the princess's hand, but this right is not handed to him. A knight's eligibility started at a young age and was a lifestyle chosen and worked for. (If i have this right- i studied medieval times, but it was a looooong time ago!!)
Knighthood training was a long and often arduous process. Knighthood training began in early childhood when a basic education and good manners and rules of etiquette were taught at home. At the age of 7 young boys were sent away to the castles and homes of wealthy lords or relatives to embark on their knighthood training. From the age of seven to fourteen these young boys were given the role of a Medieval Page. From fourteen to twenty-one these 'apprentice knights' were referred to as Squires . The different types and styles of Knighthood training depended on the age and strength of the apprentice knights. Knighthood training was focused on weapon practise which included enhancing skills in horsemanship, the two-handed sword, battle axe, mace, dagger and lance.
(i found the above on a website called "Becoming a Knight" ( ) who woulda thunk?)
But it makes what i was trying to say all the more understandable.... i hope! :)
So with all that hard training wouldn't the Princess's hand be worth more than something handed to him because he was born in the "right family?"
i think that guys can still be knights- maybe not so much in suits of armor on a horse, its about character. What was instilled in them at a young age, and what they have trained and prepared themselves for.
In as much as i hope "he" has been preparing himself for me, i hope that i will be found ready. Everyday passes with a mix of sadness and excitement. (i am going to be honest) Sad that one more day has passed, and i am that much older... But flip the coin, and i am so completely excited because i am one day closer to being with my knight!
i tend to think of myself as an optimist. i view the glass as half-full the majority of the time, thats why my excitement outweighs the bit of sadness that is mixed in.
For all the fellows out there that may or may not ever hear of this waiting ruby in VA-
DONT GIVE UP! Keep on building that character, become that gentleman and man after God's heart! - there are a few of us gals, who are princesses in their daddy's eyes, waiting for "knights" and men like you!

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