Wednesday, January 04, 2012

an older me

this morning i had a customer come in who gave me a glimpse of what i could be like in about 50 years...
she and her friend started telling me about their morning, and how they had just come a funeral. . .for the 100watt light bulb! they giggled and laughed as they told of their adventures and things like that they did for fun. they said their kids just shake their heads while their grandkids laugh and want to join!
they were eating their (and i quote) 2nd breakfast! they were headed to a brunch before lunch after some more running around! i laughed as i told them to enjoy themselves knowing full well they had every intention to do so!

1 comment:

Delighting in Jesus said...

Too funny! :) If you're like that in 50 years your grandkids will think you're awesome! ;)

Love ya!
Kimber :)