Thursday, March 08, 2012

my story

my story is history.
our story is HIS story!

i know it has been a while since i have really posted so, i thought i would fill you in on OUR story...
God is good.
The simple statement i often just let roll b/c i have heard it so often, is what rings loudest in Jon and i's relationship.
i have shared before about longing for my knight, wondering where he was, what he was doing and sometimes frustrated at God b/c we were not together yet.
But- God is good.
Both Jon and i had lessons to learn that would shape us into what we needed to be for the other. There are some things i wish i could have learned without going through them, but my character was refined and my dependence on Christ grew in those times.
i sit and write wishing i could be some sort of encouragement to all girls in waiting... there are times when the waiting seems too much, but remember-
God is good.
He wont give you more than you can handle and that includes the days of singlehood.
Now is your time to make a difference and invest in those around you. It maybe family, a younger girl at church, it may be a co-worker.
There were times when i would clutch tightly to a possibility, thinking, "maybe this is it!?" but the times i tried to make things happen, my way, it ended in heartache. God's story for my life may have taken long than "i" thought it should take, but it is and has been and will continue to be far sweeter with Him filling in the details!
Like any couple learning to grow together, Jon and i have had things to work on and through. Do you know when guys say one thing and girls hear it another, friction may arise? ;) Communication is probably THE biggest thing we are working on. Its not enough to just talk to each other, but how we talk, share and encourage each other!
The one thing that has been the most helpful is where Christ has been in our relationship. Keeping Him center is really the only way to be in a relationship worth having!
i know there have been times when i have been "too busy" to spend time deepening my relationship with Christ. (so not true, you make time for the things that are important to you)
On those days- when i jip my time with Abba, things tend to happen that bring out the yuck in me! To the point where i dont like myself. i in turn take it out on my family, or Jon, neither of which are good or edifying to any relationship.
i say all that to say that it almost sounds cliche' to say that Christ is my "First Love" - for He totally is, but I have to keep working at that relationship, just like the one i have with Jon.
i feel it is critical to keep Christ center in all areas of life, and i have seen first hand the fruits of when He remains in the center of a blooming love relationship.
To see His creation come together the way He intended it in Eden, and then living a life that brings Him glory and honor- that is one of the greatest things in life! To know Him, and make Him known! Jon and i just have another platform in which to use to do so!
i always criticize my posts, thinking i ramble too much, though i have been told i dont blog near enough...
With the kick-off to our new life together on Saturday, i would like to think i will blog all about the details soon- but i dont want to make another empty promise to the few followers i have.
All i can say is be on the lookout, they make come!
And keep praying... pray for Jon and i as we become a physical portrait of God and His love for the church. Pray for our relationship that we always remain second in each others lives (keeping God first) Pray that wisdom would abound as we make choices and decisions for each day. Pray that Jon would be the leader that God has called him to be, and i would be the helpmeet God has called me to be, and in filling out those roles be a blessing to the other. Pray we get a hold of a budget and living together, put the needs and desires of the other before our own. Pray for our victories in the hardships the enemy will try to throw our way. Pray for your own story... and really consider giving God the pen. He is a much better author than anyone on NY best sellers list! And the story will be so much sweet because it will be YOURS!


Delighting in Jesus said...

Erin, this post was just beautiful! I teared up. :) Seeing you as a bride today was such a blessing to me and the words of your post just made it even better! You and Dowy are an encouragement to me to not give up, to wait, and to let (As you said) God write my story.

Thank you so much!
Love ya,
Kimber :)

Alexandra Jacobs said...

I came across your website and found it very enjoyable. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!