Sunday, April 08, 2012

"that" girl. . .

When i was younger- i read a great book by Debi Pearl about becoming a 'Help Meet'.
In my life, my goal was to learn and start working on ways to be the BEST wife/helpmeet for my husband.
This is a great ambition, but can be difficult when you dont know who he is, and the personality he will have. . .
In Mrs. Pearl's book, she breaks guys into three categories. They are labeled
Mr. Command Man
Mr. Steady
Mr. Visionary
With each character she breaks down how they may act, think and ways you as a helpmeet can be a support, strength, fan, and of course helpmeet!
i have not re-read her book in a few years, but not long after meeting Jon, i have realized i have married Mr. Visionary. =)
i want to go and re-read the book, but i have learned one thing... He dreams BIG!
i dont EVER want to be a wet blanket to his goals, dreams, or ambitions... even if i think things should be done differently. i can be supportive, a voice of reason, but HOW i respond will affect him and his future visions and dreams.
After talking with him the other night, he gave me a hug and told me "thank you for being so supportive"
i told him this, (and it is something i want to stay true to it)

"i would much rather be the girl that holds your kite's string, than the one that pops your bubbles"

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One of the Wassenbergs said...

I love that last sentence, Erin!

And it's kind of funny that you've decided Dowy was a "Mr. Visionary". After knowing him for a few months we all decided that he was a "Mr. Steady". :) But, seeing as you are his wife, and know him WAY better than us, you're probably right. :)

Oh and it was such a blessing to see you on Sunday. Watching you and Dowy walk across the parking lot, as close together as you could get, was so precious and I thought to myself "That's what I want my relationship with my future husband (Lord willing) to look like."

Love ya,
Kimber :)