Monday, April 02, 2012


As you can see my blog is in the construction phase of a much needed makeover!
Now that i am married, i would like to think i will be a better blogger- but seeing that i have been married almost a month (that does NOT seem possible!) and i still dont have crucial items unpacked, i am not sure that its off to a good start....

i decided with the new address, and name change we might as well and get a new job too!
(not really- God led this opportunity to me and so i am taking it. i was not looking and as excited as i am to start next week, i am nervous too!)
i am wrapping up my last two events at the SBCV and my last week at Chick-fil-A. i have made managers question, and customers cry, i have had the support of the church planters and the prayers of my family. (which i covet if you feel so inclined to lift up the sporadic blogger to our Father- He knows all the details)

Anyways, i wanted to share the blessings from my wedding. But seeing how my time is stretched thin with many things right now, i dont have the time. So i point you to this blog. K is such a sweetheart and did an A-Mazing job with pictures at my wedding! Not only did she catch the raw candid shots, but edited and compiled them B-E-A-Utifully! i hope you enjoy seeing some of the fun we had, and hopefully there will be more pictures and posts to come--- soon!

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Delighting in Jesus said...

You got a new job??!! No more Chik-fil-A...I'm so sad :( :). I hope you guys are doing great. I'm pretty sure living like right next to us does not mean we see you guys more often ;). Welp, gotta run...dinner is cooking and I still have to set the table.
Tell Dowy we all said "hello".
Just holler if you need anything (the washer is still open).
Love you guys!