Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you know what this is? 
If you answered quarter you are right, but do you know what it stands for? 

Do you?


All around us, things cry "One-fourth!" Think about it, 1/4 a cup, 15 minute after the hour, half of a half, almost to the peak of the down-hill side, i could keep going, but i shant bore you! 

Today marks my quarter. My 10 week mark. My one-fourth of the way to being done cooking my kid (not really, but you know, got a bun in the oven? heehee) It hit me at how fast the last 10 weeks have flown by, and just think, the next 10 will too! At that point, i will be able to find out if its a boy or a girl! Mr. J and i have names, but i think we are holding out on saying them. Here is me with a friend of mine- (i was in her wedding, she was in mine, and now we are both pregnant! She is due in May- doesnt she look great?) 

 This was taken on our anniversary trip in March. i was not far along at all, but, as you can see in just a few short weeks, my belly has grown as my baby has!

As you can see, a little baby bump! 
On the right is my sister and i.She is due any day! When we were kids, we always played growing-up and having kids that
would be able to play together! i love how God works and is now making that happen! Her two boys are precious and keep everyone on their toes. Their stories always
make me smile! i hope that i can be as good a mom as she and my mom have been. Surely there will be lots to learn, and i will have lots of people to ask my questions to, but one of the biggest comforts i have held on to lately- is that God will give generously, wisdom, to all who ask- i am already making sure that is a daily habit! =)

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Meg said...

Besides the fact that we look noting alike and will have a great deal of convincing people that are indeed sisters...I love being pregnant at the same! So much fun and neat time to share together! Love you!