Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bit by bit

Healing comes bit by bit, 
i thought after the first wave of pain, 
                                            confusion and questions that i would be on the 
                Up and Up. . .
For the most part, i have been, but i still have moments of 

                                                            down, sadness and tears.
                   GOD has been so good to Mr. J and i
We are surrounded by loved ones and friends who have been praying, thinking about and encouraging us.
Healing has come through them.
i have received a couple bouquets of flowers, their beautiful colors and sweet fragrance scream life.
Healing has come through them.
There have been many songs either posted, recommended, or listened to on my favorite Pandora station, "Keith and Kristyn Getty" ... which is where i heard this song this morning.
Healing has come through --> this song
If you dont know SCC's family's story- i encourage you to look it up and read it. You will be touched. Because of the pain they went through, the song touched me and the pain GOD was bring me through.  
i am glad GOD is so creative in the ways HE brings about healing and growth in one's life. Through the above listed song my question "Why?!" was answered... Because, GOD is in Control! 
In that this momma rests. . .

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