Monday, August 05, 2013

live. move. be.

This is a picture found in the Creation Museum. (If you have never been- go!)
Mr. J and i went there for our one year anniversary this past March. 
It was a wonderful trip celebrating each other and the year God had given us together. We shared many adventures - maybe i will put up more pictures in another post.
This post, however, i want to focus on that verse in the picture.
You see, a week before we left to head west, we found out we were expecting our first child. 
This trip was a huge milestone for us- not only our fist year of marriage, but realizing we would no longer be a family of two. As we chatted on the somewhat long drive =) we shared fears and exciting dreams we had for our baby, not knowing the plan GOD had for him. 
When i saw this picture, it was a momma's heart-string being pulled. 
i saw the baby- instantly wondering about ours and counting ahead the days to when i would have that first ultrasound. The verse was encouraging then- being reminded that the baby inside me was because of GOD, but it is even more so now. . .
Today marks the third month since we celebrated Enoch's life.
I am stronger now than i was- emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually.
GOD promises never to leave us, and through this journey, HE has been closer than ever.
My pregnancy ended too soon for me, but not for GOD. 
It was not too soon for HIS plan to be put in action.
My baby was not too small to bring glory to HIM.
In HIM, Enoch can live, and move, and be- Because GOD created, purposed and wants him to do those things!
Enoch is experiencing a life i can only look forward to.
But for now- GOD is helping me to live, and move and be. . . in HIM!

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