Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avast mateys!

In lieu of international talk like a pirate day, i thought i would share with you a pirate adventure that REALLY happened!
You see, after life on the farm, (which i will one day fill you in on) Mr. J and i decided to head to the OBX for a needed get-a-way of R&R! ;-)
My family tagged along (really it was us doing the tagging, but for fun story telling we will go with the added members of my family coming along with us!)
My sister has three boys who have my heart-strings wrapped around their chubby and sometimes sticky little fingers. So what doting aunt and uncle wouldnt want to make lasting memories for them? So we embarked in transforming our simple fun personalities into treasure leaving swash-buccaneers! It started with the construction of chests....
i got three plastic containers and wood printed contact paper for my chests. All from the Dollar Store, i paid $5 for three chests and had paper left over!
the duel colored paper
i was hoping looked
like wood-inlay

i had help filling the boxes with little toys, yummy candies, and what treasure box would be complete without gold??? Of course the gold coins had to make it in there!!

We managed to keep the loot hidden through the packing, riding and unloading of the cars. (i was excited for this b/c i had hopes and ideas of how it would all unfold!) Half way through the week, we decided to have the pirate strike the house! With help from my creative writing sister, and my map drawing husband, we plotted out our course and the hunt that would lead the boys to their treasure!

"Avast Mateys... Treasure awaits ye, so work as a team
Start in the room of your Papa and Meme
Im a Pirate Captain and Ive hidden my map
Under the place where you lay for a nap!"

Captain P... *aka Mr. J
how the note was left to be found

the loot

Captain P burying the treasure

In it goes
all safe and sound just waiting to be found

Hide all evidence!

"X" marks the spot
you can see the wheels turning as
he is trying to figure it out!

i LOVE the look on his face!
What made it perfect was a "pirate ship" was seen on the
ocean that morning, they came running out to see it, and Alas,
the note was found!!

And look for an "X"

Look mom! A real captain left a
map for me!

We have to go around to the
beach, and loop around!
looking for clues

on the hunt

Moose and Mr. J taking it all in

down by the surf

There's the "X"!!!!

Let's DIG!!

Even Moose got in on the digging!

the initials marked who got each chest
(went with the birth names instead of
Bito, Moose and Bean)

All the guys in the action


Surprised the Bean with a chest of her
own - b/c she's such a great sister, aunt...
and youre never too old for a treasure hunt!!!

Moose clearing off the sand

*edible* Gold D'Blooms!!

i think the hunt was a hit as the loot was unpacked and enjoyed. Sticky fingers, painted nails (Bean only) and sword fights followed as comments were made about "that Captain" and how he knew what kind of treasure would be best for them! =)
It did my heart good to be able to do this! i think i had almost as much fun as they did! i will leave you with a picture of Tank, he didnt get a loot box, but got plenty of doting and spoiling this week, so,... i dont think he minded! =)

seriously, i smile every time i look at this picture!!

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Meg said...

Best pirate adventure ever; one the boys still talk about! Such a perfect idea and the boys are truly blessed to have you guys! Love y'all! P.S. Awesome last picture! That smile!