Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Teach a boy to fish...

... or in this case, shuck corn!
There is a famous saying that goes,
Give a boy a fish, you feed him for a day- teach him to fish and you feed him for life!
Something like that anyways. It may be slightly paraphrased, but hopefully you get the point. My sister does a really good job at teaching her boys how to fish. Having such a big family, sometimes we get to be a part of that teaching too!
Earlier this summer Pop and Mr. J were shucking the grilled corn and Moose had to be in on the action! I dont know if he was driven by curiosity or his stomach, but it made for some cute pictures!

He watched Popa and Uncle J really close to make sure he knew what to do!

Finally asking for an ear of his own to shuck
slow and steady

look at that concentration!

He needed Uncle J to help break them off

 Final inspection and removal of any "strings"
 Showing off his hard word...

 Enjoying the fruits of his labor!

It is fun to do things with these boys! To see them grow in to Godly young men i know is a joy to their parents- and a pleasure to those around them. They have quite a few of us aunts wrapped, but i dont think any of us mind! =]