Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What does the fox say?!?

The title of this post may send a rather annoying song running through your head- for that i apologize. If you have not yet seen this silly song phenomenon, consider yourself blessed as it will be your undoing! =)

With the craze of foxes running through our culture, i wanted to talk on them.
Mr. J and i have been going through a sermon series you can listen to here. The pastor is sharing through the book Song of Solomon. As a visitor of that church i may have second guessed my judgement in attending that day- but for Mr. J and i the series have been challenging and encouraging.
Last night we listened to the second part: Art of Dating.
We were able to pause the sermon, take notes and ask each other questions as we learned from this great example of love in the Bible. (i recommend this series for married couples as it may be a bit much to take in for those not yet there ;] )

One of the verses Pastor Nelson covered in the session was, (SoS 2:15)
"Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.”
Did you know that foxes, as beautiful as they are, can reek havoc in vineyards?  It seems that the little blooms that come out all over the vines are sweet to their taste buds. . . 
Did you know that if they eat those buds and young blooms they will not be on the vine to turn into grapes?
If there are no grapes, the vinedresser will probably not be to pleased...

 In a relationship, as talked about in the verse above, the foxes are used as a metaphor. At this point in the book- the couple's love is young. It is spring time and they are enjoying getting to know each other better. However it looks like some tension may have found its way between them.
Pastor Nelson shared about how he and his wife had gotten to know each other, and a few times when the foxes appeared in their relationship. At first i thought it may just be influences of the world creeping in, and whereas that can be a fox, there is also more to it than just that. It is feelings and attitudes, words and actions- things that you face daily. If you are not careful, the cunning fox will start to unravel your relationship! 
Unlike a vinedresser, after the foxes have been rid of, loss is not the only thing we face. We have a choice: we can be left in devastation over the mess they made, OR we can be brought closer together through the hardship... *quote* "Fighting is fun because making up is great!" It leads to a deeper level of love!
Where i do not want foxes to make home in our vineyard, i am glad to learn from their visits. In GOD's great wisdom HE has tied so much together and used many great people to teach!
For those of you reading, look out for foxes! Dont let them get too cozy! Dont wait to hear what they have to say- glean from their wake and love deeper that one you found whom your soul loves!!

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