Monday, February 08, 2010

Maiden Post and the Kountry Gentlemen

Well, I am casting off into the depths unknown. . . I have joined the blogging world and I am kind of excited about it!
I guess I will start this adventure with a story. It is true, and happened not too long ago. . . (during my shift tonight at work)
As a hostess, I get to meet all sorts of people. I write stories for them in my head, trying to figure out their lives. Some are passing through, and others become as family- I see them time after time and get updates on grandkids.
Tonight I met and interesting group- two ladies and two men. I guess they were two couples, maybe in their mid to late twenties, and definitely country. That good ole down to earth charm and slight drawl. Two of the four had brought their dinner from Taco Bell, =( to eat with their friends in our fine establishment. =)
As part of my job, I make my rounds to assist our guests in any way I can. When I approached this table to see how everything was for them-
I got, "Well, my Taco Bell sure is tasty! Thanks for asking" I smiled and told him I hope he enjoyed it. He went on to tell me how his friends had wanted to eat here, but he didnt because he had eaten here yesterday.
At this I smiled bigger, looked him in the eye and asked, "Now how did you do that?" (we are closed on Sundays)
I think his face turned four shades of red as he dropped a couple four letter bombs. He mumbled something about having coupons he needed to use anyways. I told him to come back and use them to make up for eating Taco Bell and offered my help should they need anything else.
At this point I found the situation amusing. I kept running all the other responses I could have said to him through my head as I continued on with other duties. Like, "How was the food? Was the service ok? etc. I always think of other things to say after the moment has past, but sometimes that is a good thing. Like it was tonight...
A while after this incident, I returned to the table of these four to offer drink refills. Before I could speak, the man who had "eaten here yesterday" spoke first...
"Ma'am, I am real sorry I was rude earlier. It was disrespectful and I am sorry"
Whoa! I get all sorts of mess from customers, but never, NEVER in my life have I had one apologize for their behavior.
Of course I forgave him, and offered what I could to make the rest of their evening a delight, but that man offered something to me I shall never forget.
Well lots of things, Lies will find you out, and even in jest, it is never ok to let misbehavior slip by. His apology spoke volumes. I hope to be mindful of my actions in public, and humble enough to own up to them should they offend someone around me.
I hope to live in a quiet and gentle way that brings peace to all, but there are lessons to be learned along the way. . .


Wilson Family said...

Way to go! I love it! I look forward to checking in on your blog! I love you!

Meg said...

Congrats Lina! I love it! You are really very good at writing-I'm impressed and proud of you. Love you!

Anonymous said...

heeey!! welcome to the blogging world! thanks for the "k"ountry <3