Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow days and Macaroni

So- being snowed in the house, and out of work, I was able to play in my favorite room in the house. . . *insert drum roll* the kitchen!!!
I have seen blogs before that picture the work being done, and have always wanted to do something along those lines, but never have had the time! Well I did!
This post will be all about my mom's best ever macaroni and cheese recipe, and then I will do my Valentine cookie post! =)
It sure was a lot of fun, and I recommend it to all you who have ever thought about doing it!

Step 1: Boil the water

Step 2: Add the pasta of your choice, we went for Elbow this particular time

Isnt pasta a beautiful thing?

Step 3: Drain. . .

. . . and taste!

Step 4: Melt butter to make the rue - aka- cheese sauce

Step 5: Mix in flour and milk. . .

. . . and LOTS of cheese!!!


Step 6: Mix the sauce with the pasta to make some cheesey goodness!

Step 7: Flavor with salt and pepper

Step 8: Pour part into a pan

and layer with more cheese!
Step 9: Top with a blend of cheeses to get the look and taste of perfection!

*man it was so good! pictures dont do it justice!*

Step 10: Bake to melt all the cheese and get the top crunchy!

Step 11: Enjoy!
I totally missed getting a picture of the final product, because when we pulled it out of the oven, we were all so hungry we dished it up and enjoyed it! =)

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Meg said...

Ok, that is so NOT fair! You made me absolutely starving with those mouth watering pictures! Now I am craving mom's mac'n cheese. I hope you know next weekend we are just going to eat from the time we get there until we leave- we'll eat everything we've missed-bread bowls, soups, cinnamon rolls, mac'n cheese, etc...:)