Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Annie

Happy Birthday Annie! I know you are not looking forward to this "birthday" more or less the age you will become. But I want to challenge you to keep as you have been- Letting God use you right where you are, whatever you are doing- even if you dont know He is using you to touch someone else's life!
(btw- I love how you are taking the pic with your own camera, but looking at this one!)

As long as I can remember you have always had a baby/kid in your arms or nearby. When you were little they were just dolls, but as you got older, that changed. *duh* I have witnessed, helped with, and watched as you have invested in the lives of children you are given for a moment. I know there have been hard times and you wonder if this is what you should keep doing, but you smile through the sometimes tears when that chubby arm hugs you and tries to say they love you! You see the bigger picture and long term goal. You love them with Christ's love and that is HUGE! Something they will never forget!

You ability to have fun must run in your veins. No matter where, or who's around - you will make the best of things and have fun, which will usually get others to join in!

I know we joke sometimes about me crying when you were born, and wanting mom to leave you at the hospital, but that was just jerkishness on my part! I cant imagine life without you! I confess I was a terrible big sister, locking you out of rooms, giving you cast off dolls to play with or whatnot. No matter though, you always have been there when I needed you! I think about that Skillet song "Those Nights" even though the whole song does not pertain to us, the beginning of the chorus could have been written about us:
"Stay up late and we'd talk all night, In the dark room lit by the TV light. . ." Remember when we first moved to Richmond? We got to share a room and it didnt take long before it became a masterpiece and a haven. We would talk for hours on end and swap secrets or problems. You have always been there for me!

Annie- you lead by example. Always giving of yourself, time, money, stuff. . . whatever the need may be. I dont ever hear you complain about it, you just do it! I look up to you in so many ways! I hope to grow to be like you in lots of ways!
As this year passes, it will not be like many of the others unless you want it to be- for good or bad. I know exactly where you are, maybe some of the questions you ask, problems you face, and even some of the things you are wanting. I've been there, am there, and will be here for you! My beautiful sister, I hope that God reveals Himself to you in lots of new and exciting ways! Ever drawing and wooing you to His heart! I love you and may you enjoy this day, this year, but for now this moment, for that is what we have been promised!

Lovin' you lots and lots! Happy Birthday Annie!

Feliz Cumpleanos! Te amo mi hermana y amiga! love, lina*

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AH said...

thanks Lina! I love you too! I am so blessed to call you sister and friend!