Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trail of Crumbs

As I sit and look at the blank screen- soon to be filled with words,
I try to formulate which direction this post will go in. It can be daunting task,
that of starting to write-
for once posted the public eye has been given a glance of my soul.
What does it matter?
Every person is entitled to their own opinion and thought, I am simply exposing mine. . .
I often wonder what it would be like to move as fast as my train of thought.
I may think about one particular subject for a while,
but what ends up happening the majority of time is a bunny-trail.
A subject hopping ride that would leave one dizzy if you were to try to stay with it!
(I get dizzy myself sometimes thinking of how I am thinking. . . boy that sounds
like fun doesnt it?)
I want to share a smaller bunny trail, that will hopefully either be an amusing read, or make you think! =)
As I swept the floors at work the other day, I got the picture of leaving a trail in my mind. I dont know if it was just the amount of fries and nuggets that lay tucked under the booths, or the mud prints from a worker who'd stopped in for a bite, but everywhere I looked there was a trail of some kind.
(this is where the bunny trail started, so hang on tight!)
My thought shifted to my youngest sister, Bean, who is completely in love with animals! When she was younger, she would put all her animals end to end and make a "parade" through our entire downstairs. . . it was still a trail that had been left in her wake, ending somewhere with her clutching her 'favorites'. . .
As I continued to sweep, I thought again of food trails-
(seeing it you cant help but to think about it!)
I thought of a child trying to sneak a cookie, trying to hide away to enjoy it, but leaving a wake of crumbs to give away any hiding place. The trail always leads to something. . .
Hansel and Gretel - (terrible story, btw) has the main theme of leaving a trail to get back to their father. As they went out, they left a trail so they could find their way back, but what if we left a trail for other to find and follow?
Can you feel the climax rising?
As Christians, we are to partake of the blood and body of Christ. What if we were not so neat when we ate? We would have crumbs evident on our clothes that would fall off as we walked. Now depending on how messy you were would be something else entirely which I wont go into now. . . =) If we left a trail of our "messy eating" it would lead back to Christ.
Now I am not saying to go to an Italian restaurant and order pasta with red sauce, and then proceed to consume without usage of fork, knife or spoon. I am saying that when we have been exposed to Christ, when we have had a date with Him, when He has revealed something to us, when we have made it through a storm, why not share about it?
So the next time you dine with Christ, dont be afarid to leave a little on your face. . .


Emmmiley said...

i love your train of thought! i kept up the whole time...lol
what an awesome way to think about dinning with Christ, instead of using a napkin just let it stay...how cool to think about that! lol
ps...i agree Hansel and Gretel is a horrible story!

Meg said...

Great writing Lina! Very creative-thanks for the reminder!