Sunday, March 28, 2010

A year? really?!?

Happy Birthday Bub! I cant believe a year has gone by since I first saw your sweet face!
You had me "Oh so totally wrapped" in a moment
You have become the center of our world
And I cant wait to see how you continually grow into a man, after God's heart,
Using all of your sences to explore, learn, taste and see all that is in this great world God has around you!

Of course I was excited when you found your thumb- for I was also a thumbsucker, and the bond between us grew. . . =)
May you grow in wisdom,
in stature,
and in favor with God,
and men.
Happy Birthday Bubbi!

1 comment:

Meg said...

That picture of his hair in a mohawk in the orange polo cracked me up! I don't remember that one! Haha! he doesn't even look like that anymore! Wow! Thanks for being such a great Aunt to him! Love you!