Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Surfing

i mentioned in my last post about watching/playing with T and MG.
Well, i had to share something that T did last night.
We were in the play room and i looked over and he was standing on a book. Instead of fussing at him to get off, i asked if he was surfing.
He looked at me as if i was from Mars, but said "I dont know how to surf!"
So, feeling a bit like Drea from Secret Adventures, i painted the scene around him.
The warm sun, cool, clear water, and the awesome waves begging for us to ride them!
We laid on our bellies and "paddled" out to where the BIG waves were breaking.
After getting ready, we would look behind us as the monster waves would lift us on the aqua-roller-coaster ride!
After catching so many perfect waves, i thought it would be fun to have a "wipe out"
After standing on our books, er umm, boards, we tumbled into the water below.
Reaching the shore, i shivered and T started bobbing up and down with his head to one side. Mind you, he is 2 1/2- i asked what he was doing, and he simply stated that he had "wader in my ear"
And here i was thinking that imagination was lost on this generation! =)

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