Saturday, October 16, 2010


whats a girl have to do or be to be worth pursuit?
why has the moral of men sunk so low, that questions cant even be asked?
why is it guys like blondes better?
why do you have to have a flawless face and be skinny to get a conversation?
why do 'bad girls' get good guys and 'good girls' get stuck waiting?
whats the point in waiting for a man, if this world is only full of boys?
how does one throw up lunch, its much too painful if you wait too long, does it get easier?
do diet pills really work, or cause more damage in the long run?
why does what people think bother me when only One's thoughts are what matters?
how does one forget mistakes, or the past, when they only haunt you in the weak moments?
why do dreams seem so far away? is it foolish to dream?
what difference am i making, am i at all?
whats wrong with me, that i'm not worth getting to know?
why are there forceful, and hateful men who seem to get away with wrong doing?
why are there sick women who try and want to get rid of their kids?
why arent more righteous raised up like in Bible times?
how come you feel better after a good cry?
why is there such darkness when Light is offered?
why is my mind plagued with these questions when the Truth is echoing in my head?

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