Thursday, October 21, 2010


No, not an express over-night delivery service- a Dear Husband Letter.
i have seen blogs that call them HTB (Husband to Be letters) but i liked DHL better. =)

You see i have been writing "him" for almost 12 years now! (that is so hard to believe!) i have kept notebooks of thoughts and prayers for him, dreams and hopes to do with him. Some of them make me smile- when i look at the things that were important to me at 13. My growth is portrayed in the change of my handwriting and topics, along with the situations that surrounded me.

i dont write as often as i would like, but my thoughts and prayers are with him daily. This world is becoming steadily more difficult for a man to be not only a manly-man, but one after God's own heart.

This morning at church, through a conversation with one of the older gentlemen, we got to talking about his wife. He would praise her and talk of the things they have learned together. He said, "A happy wife makes for a good life!" i smiled and mentioned wanting that. He grabbed my hand and said, "Well, lets pray for him!" Right there in the back of my little church, this man, though i dont know him well, was praying for me, and my husband. i could not repeat his prayer, for i dont remember it verbatim, but it touched my heart.

God sent Mr. D to me today. i know that there are plenty of people praying for me and my husband, but they all know me! Here this man moved at the prompting of God's Spirit, and blessed me!

God does have a man for me. i dont know where he is, but God does! One day, soon maybe, we will be together, and i will be able to blog my story! For now, i shall continue to write my DHLs...

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