Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 3

My FIRST Love, is my current Love and shall be my Last Love. . .

i had to do some thinking on this one.
Love can take on several different meanings. For instance-
"i love M&M's"
"i love that pant- its such a cute pant"
"i love my family"
"i love sunsets"
i love a lot of things, so what did i love first?
As i thought, lyrics to an old Newsboys song kept circulating my head-
'Take me back to the first love i ever knew!'
But how could i find what that meant for me and my personal life. i found this- you see
there is really only one way that i could ever love, and that is...
"We love because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19)
The only reason i am capable of showing love, is because the Creator of love, LOVES ME!
Christ is my first love.
Christ is my only love.
Christ will always be my love.
People will let me down. But Christ won't.
Circumstances will be like a rollercoaster. But Christ won't.
Situations will be confusing. But Christ isn't.
Tomorrow is unknown and scary. Christ isn't.
From the moment God formed Adam from dust, eternity lied in His hands.
Breathing life into his nostrils, God knew what man was capable of, and what he would choose.
As He opened Adam's eyes to the world He created, God loved Him- and knew the price it would take to keep the relationship between Creator and created, open.
Hundreds of years later, it was love that sent Jesus to Earth.
Love that had Him grow into a man, stripped of glory and power.
Love that showed God's awesome design of a right relationship.
Love that drew sin out like poison, exposing light to the darkest of hearts.
Love that led Him to the cross, taking every single thing i will ever do- even though i was only a thought in the Father's hand.
Love that forsake Jesus hanging there- marred, stained, beaten, and now SIN
Love that couldn't keep Jesus down- and
Love that conquered death for all time!
This love i cant grasp. i am left dumbfounded. Unworthy, and yet made right.
Because of His great love for me, i am able to love.
So it is on HIM i stake my claim to "First Love"
It is HE i love, from now forth and forever. . .

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