Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day 4

My Parents

This is Payton and Robyn- the blessings that God placed in my life, aka- my parents.

They have a very awesome story, er account, of how they met and the events that unfolded around that time- i may share it sometime, but not this post. God taught them lessons, grew them and shaped them to be best suitable to help each other on the road God would lead them.

28 years, 5 daughters, one son-in-law and one grandson later. . .
My parents are still strong in their love for each other.

i think it has a lot to do with where they have chosen to keep their focus. There have been small paychecks, grouchy and fussy kids, medical bills, car repairs, school supplies and groceries, but no matter what circumstance that has come, my parents keep Christ first. That central being is what has grounded them so many times, and it is because of that center, they can love each other the way that God created them to, and in doing so, be a role model and example to us and many others!
i could talk for a long time on each of my parents, and them as a couple. Many of my friends growing up would tell me they wished they had my parents, and i never once wished that i had different ones!

In all honesty we were not always sunshine and roses. There of course was the training and discipline and correction times- (which were not often 0=) ) as well as the times of miscommunication. We still have bumps in the road from time to time, but i know that my parents are always going to be there for me, loving and supporting me all the way!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my parents. It was taken when they were- for lack of better terms- dating. My dad was a cowboy, through and through, and my mom was just beautiful, inside and out. (still is) i get told by lots of people that i look like her, but i hope to have her qualities and characteristics!

For My Parents:

I know ya'll dont have bloggs, but i know that sometimes you will check mine out, so here is a shout out to you!

i cant really put to words the blessing ya'll really are! God only knows the kind of person i would be without parents like ya'll to raise me to hear His voice!
Thank you for your relationship toward each other, the example it is to us girls. How one should be modeled and lived out, as well as your relationship as a couple to Christ. Thank you for never putting us kids before each of you. We are a blessing, not your life. Thank you for investing yourselves in us, our interests and likes. For putting up with my crazy phases of life and weird, "where did that come from" moments. Thank you for laughing around the table and the hugs after a rough day. The prayers where we are gone away, and the texts when we are coming back. Thanks for being over-protective, controlling and manipulative! i love you both dearly and pray my husband and i can be as strong as ya'll and as encouraging to other people! Love you! Love Shellz/Fuzzy

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