Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 5

My Siblings, in this case my sisters =) i was born into a family of all girls! We range in age at the moment from 9-26 years old, and yet though we are in different areas of life, we are each other's best friends!M- is my favorite older sister, well she is my only older sister so that is safe to say! =) From a very early time, (i was still in the infant carseat) M wanted to know when i could play with her. We grew up and though our differences sometimes made us clash, we never went long staying upset. i am not sure we would be as close if mom didnt make us spend a whole day holding hands,. . . nah, i think we still would be! We have been through some of life's hardest times together and a listening ear and big hug are always awaiting me when i need it!M was the first of us to get married, well the only one so far, but i can now claim these two guys too! (i guess really only her husband would be a "sibling" but i loved how this picture turned out!) When M&M first got married, i would wait up for her to come home, thinking in my head it was just another date, and she would be home soon... i had to let her go and become someone else's best friend.
That growing time was hard, but well worth it! i now have an awesome brother who looks out for me in a way an older brother should! Its been fun having him around the last several years, so i think we will keep him! =)

It was because of M getting married that i was able to grow closer to A! Its kind of funny and yet sad, but when she was born, i didnt want my mom to bring her home from the hospital! For years i would cast her the Barbies with little hair, or broken heads, shove her off on the "younger kids" just because i was 'older' - but i really was the one acting younger most of the time! Yet as we have gotten older, we have gotten closer too! There
have been times of midnight babysitting, trips to different places, secrets swapped and rooms shared. She is always been there for me, encouraging me all the way! If there was ever a person to give 110% of themselves, it would be her... He smile is captivating and i wish to be more like her. Her example speaks a sermon, no words could do justice to, and i look up to her in so many ways!

ML is the next in line, and i wish there were word to describe us when we are together! =) At 16, we are just starting to have more of that friendship, as apposed to "im older you have to listen to me" relationship. i guess that has to be there some, but its been awesome getting to know and grow with her, really over the last year or so. As God has led her on some trips, and lessons learned we have been able to talk more about things that i went through, and encourage each other with where we are headed! She has such a zeal for life, that for the most part, will always make me smile! Whether singing off-key really loud, or making jingles off the top of her head, ML is ready for what comes her way.
She is also pretty sensitive, but we can get in trouble by both being such hopeless romantics! At least i dont have as many "romantic notions" as she does. . . =)

The Bean! Man, where to begin? i was not quite 16 when mom had B, and i thought it was A-Mazing to have another little sister! She was a "surprise blessing" that i cant imagine our lives without! When she was little, mom would sometimes let me rock her on our porch swing, and that is where she would take her morning nap. A kids with me saying that i raised her mostly, (its no wonder shes crazy sometimes!) Mom and the other girls would work outside when we lived in the country and i would run the house and take care of B. i did have a hand in taking care of her, but i wasnt like a parent. . . no, i am too much of a spoiler when it comes to B, well any of my sisters/family! We are still growing though, and i look forward to seeing where God will lead Bean and me!

i have written now about my parents and my siblings- and one thing i have not mentioned enough, is how much i love them! i wouldnt trade them for anything! There are times i feel as though i dont deserve them, or get along with them, but thats my family. Supportive and there for each other, just the way God designed it! i will, and have, fought people who take advantage of or hurt my family. i dont like that, and take it personally, sometimes to a fault. But God is still working in me, and these guys love me through all the construction! =)

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