Wednesday, December 29, 2010

musings of the mind, well mine anyways

So- if you could be in shape from the work-out in one's head, i would be in the best shape in the WORLD!
My mom says i over-think things sometimes, and i will be the first to agree, but sometimes i just can't turn off my brain!
There are lots of things that i think about, and lately they've been all over the board...
i met a guy online *scandalous* and we got to talking. It wasn't bad- it was fun having a guy actually write ME! He would ask questions and give me wishes for a good day, and sign off "sweet dreams" if his letter came late at night. There was no romantic exchange in any of our correspondence- but suddenly he has disappeared, and i miss hearing from him. There is no trace of our communication, and its as if he has been deleted from life. At first i thought the extreme worst, what if he died over Christmas?! But then i got to thinking a little less morbid, and probably more realistic. He no longer wanted to write. i guess it was easier to delete a friend then to just ignore them. Maybe i said something wrong, or offended him, i dont know- but i wish i did. It was fun having a new friend, a guy friend- genuinely interested in who i am. (maybe thats what scared him off! =p) i dont know, only God knows. He was a brother, and wherever he is now, it was nice the time i had getting to know him.
The Christmas season always seems to be more romantic than other seasons, and i am not sure why. i dont know if the cold makes it better for snuggling, or maybe the cupids fill the air with something?!? It makes me think of "him" and wish he was here all the more. Every where you look there are couples shopping, eating, celebrating, and enjoying the time together. Its just more romantic than other times of the year. Maybe thats why we remember the greatest act of Love demonstrated be the Author of Romance Himself, at this time of year. . . "God LOVED the world so much that He GAVE His only Son..." There is no other gift that is greater or Love that is deeper than that. From the very beginning of the time , God has been on mission, wooing the hearts of men, back to Himself. A love like that i dont understand. A love like that i dont deserve. A love like that i cant fathom. A love like that is one i have been given, and you have too! Ain't it great we can have the Love of the season ALL year?!?!?

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