Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010. . .

Stories always have endings- but in life, endings just make way for new beginnings...

With the end of 2010 ---
(i think thats more fun to say than 2011, but i guess i will have to get over that! =p )
---there are lots of things that have happened over the year to be thankful for...

*Snowed in at a youth retreat
*Nephew's 1st birthday
*Day trips to mountains, DC, Williamsburg, and IKEA (and others i may have forgotten)
*Trip to DC for Chick-fil-A's Seminar
*Got to be in a "Beauty Pageant" as a cow
*Made it to the Creation Museum
*Got to play salon- dyed, cut and permed several heads of hair
*Got my first pair of TOMS
*Started a 2nd job as Hospitality Coordinator for the SBCV
*My sister, brother-in-law and nephew moved in with us---and told us kiddle #2 was coming!*Led to a new church body to fellowship and grow with
*Went on a family vacation to Georgia
*Got to be in a parade
*Got a new car

There are also the things that God showed me about myself- areas that i needed to change/clean-up so to speak and areas i needed to grow.
i had some anger/hatred that i needed to get rid of. It was eating at me, and "causing dissension between the brothers".... i learned that God has dreams and plans for us, i already knew that, but it was a nice refresher course! =p

i know not what 2011 holds, but i know who holds it. And just as a new day starts clean with no mistakes in it, so does 2011-- not that all mistakes are bad, for from failures you learn, success not so much...

So, goodbye 2010. You were a good year, but i leave you with no backwards glances. Memories of you will forever be in my heart, but staying with you b/c i know how you turned out, would only be devastating for my tomorrow. The sun rises on a new year full of unknown, and adventure- full of promise in every area. . .

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