Tuesday, September 23, 2014


yes, i am still alive.

my blogging goals and ambitions have been so far on the back burner that i almost could not reach them anymore!

so much has happened in my life the last several months that i shall spend the next six months trying to catch up and then be that much further behind.

i will skip all that.
instead, how about fun little bullet points and if anything sounds interesting and you would like to hear more about it, let me know in the comments and i will post about it!

(dashes work for bullet points, right?)

- house hunting: looking, applying for mortgage, offers and rejections
- a move
- housesitting jobs
- work
- beach trip

one of the things i will write about today is an adventure i went on this past Saturday.
my dear friend  said i could tag-a-long on an engagement photo shoot she had scheduled. i love taking pictures and would love to improve my skills- after Saturday i think it is safe to say that i dont have any skills.
an interest doesnt count. i want to get better and that is lesson number one i learned!

since i didnt know the couple i wont write a lot about them- they were a very sweet couple, easy to talk to and easy to take pictures of, if i could get the settings right on my camera! =(
oh well, i do want to put up some of my favorite pictures, just because they are mine and i like a couple of them, even if they are not all that clear and sharp.
(plus editing them is always fun and that made some look a little better!)

meet Brandy and Robert


 this is one of my favorites! i love how it turned out!

these are the same picture and i cant decide which i like better-

 the original on the left
                the edited on the right

... thoughts?

 i wont post all my mess-ups, in fact i deleted most of them. i just wanted to show what i want to learn not to do! i kept this one for reminders sake: he was whispering, she was giggling- very cute and natural. low lighting, bad setting and i get blurred vision! total bummer!!!

oh well- hope to be around the blogging world more often, till next time. . .


Wilson Family said...

you're much harder on yourself than others are!I think these are great!

Meg said...

Lina these are great!!! Way to go! I love them! You did a great job!