Thursday, April 01, 2010


Ever have those dreams where everything was so real,
When you woke it seemed as a memory that had actually happened?
So real you could taste and smell the things around you and feel the people there?
Has it ever been one of those dreams where during it, your heart knew who the people were, but you could not recall their names or faces when you woke to- try as hard as you might...
I did.
I saw "him"
It was the strangest dream I have had in a long time. The events and players in it didnt make much sense, and I have no clue what I ate before bed to merit such a concoction, but alas, it was interesting, and yet, gave me some hope. =)
The dream was filled with odd people of my past and monster-like creatures that dont exist, and "him"
He was protecting me.
In my dream I knew exactly who "he" was.
We talked, and were there for each other, and I just knew.
When I woke, I couldnt remember what "he" looked like in the dream.
I could no longer see his eyes, or feel his hand in mine, I knew not his name or where he is.
I tried to think back and remember my dream. I couldnt think of the details, and one of my main characters was slowly fading from memory!
But, even though I dont know who "he" is, either in my dream or now, I know God does! It gave me such a hope! I know that my bestest most wonderful dreams dont even scratch the surface on the ones God has dreamed for me!
There is a band I like who wrote a song called "Dreams" (appropriate huh?)
But the chorus goes like this:

You made a dream
then You gave it to me
a dream that i know
only God could have dreamed
You never sleep
yet You dream dreams

God does have great dreams and plans for us. I want His- whatever they may be, whenever they may happen- for my life! I dont know when they will unfold, or how, but it has to be better then anything I can come up with!

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