Friday, April 16, 2010

Hokies at Heart

I am sure that there are many posts out there about the VT Massacre that happened three years ago.

I am sure that the stories are still painful,

the memories still haunting,

and the loss still aching.

Time is said to heal all wounds, and I am sure that may happen as it continues to pass.

However I hope that some things never change....

I pray that the families that lost a child, sibling, friend, etc... will be able to move on in the memory of them, and hold to the good times that they shared.
I pray we never get too comfortable in where we are- not that we live in fear, but that we live aware, of those around us.
I pray we never forget to pray for the ones we love, cant stand, have never met, seem odd, best friends, the hurting, and the lonely.
I pray that we never forget to say I love you, and that we never forget what happened on this day, that it would serve as a reminder, and a challenge for us in the future.
To all the past, present, and future Hokies, and other students around at other schools:
May the grace of our Lord be with you, now and always. . .

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