Thursday, January 27, 2011

what was he thinking?

So i just DONT understand guys....
Love 'em, can't live without 'em, cant wait for my own,...
BUT- all the ones in between are mindboggling!
Why in the world would a guy friend be all, "Hey, i miss you" if he didnt really miss me?
How do i know he didnt "miss" me? Because he's done this sort of thing before.
He's just a boy who says things without thinking, wanting some kind of emotion from me, and all i have is confusion.
He told me that guys get embarrassed when they talk to girls, (i kind of just mentally rolled my eyes at that one) and i told him that it was all good because girls are really good at acting.
He wanted to know how guys could get to know the real girl.
Here's my thought on it. . .
If the guy is really intent on getting to know the girl, than he will. Through the pursuit he will break through the wall and get to know the real girl. Then he will not be embarrassed when he talks with her, and she will not be acting around him! ;)
i dont know if i will ever know what makes guys tick, or what they think, but maybe one day i will understand them a little bit more. In the mean time i will remain a friend to those around me, and maybe a little acting. . . ;)

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