Sunday, January 30, 2011

What was she thinking?

So last time i blogged about this guy and trying to figure out what goes on inside guys' heads in general...
But i have to say, sometimes i wonder what goes on in other girls' heads!
In my job, i get to do a lot of people watching! i witness girls in their actions and dress and have to wonder what went through their heads!
i said in the last post that girls act around guys... that is not always true. There are some girls that dont hold anything back.
i think of Ivy's sister on The Village, and she went up to Lucius declaring her love- only to be rejected and heartbroken.
i guess there is a certain amount acting that needs to be done, well maybe just being reserved and not acting. But there is also a time and a way to be vulnerable and letting someone know a little how you feel?
Honestly, i dont know. i have goofed and made blunders, but i know there is a balance.
i just want to find it before i end up like one of those girls i roll my eyes at and wonder, "what went through her head?!?"

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