Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The blank page taunts me as the cursor sits and blinks in constant reminder that i have not started writing. . .
But whats to say? Does what i feel or think make a difference? Maybe not, but it sure does feel better to get it out of the head and on to "paper" (so to speak, i'm not really writing, i'm typing, so i guess i'm getting my thoughts on to the screen?)
Anywho, lately, i have been challenged to start.
The only way i will ever finish anything is to start it, but there is a terrifying unknown that lurks when you "start"
Words are powerful. They evoke emotions, thoughts, feelings, and sometimes actions.
They allow me to revel in God's AWESOMENESS, or come face to face with things i thought i could avoid. Avoiding is still possible- i guess, if i wanted to go in to denial.... =)
Words can be truth, twisted, or out-right bullogna!
Why do i let words affect me, if i know they are not truth?
Is there a way that a person's words can really not take root? There have been things that i have rolled off my back, ignored or not given second thought to- or so i thought.
It seems in the most random of times they will come back, echoing through my brain.
i know it is an attack, and if not armored with another WORD, (the SWORD of the Spirit which is the WORD of God) - i will fall hard.
It happens often, desafortunademente' (something like that... its supposed to be unfortunately in Spanish, but i dont think i spelled it right!)
i am still learning. i have lots more to learn, but there are some things i am going to "Start" doing:
- fitting myself with the WORD, the only ones that matter anyways
- talking more to Dad, not just in times of trouble or screw-ups
- resting in the grace He has supplied, and applying it to my prayer
- read the Bible through- its slow going, but if my atheist co-worker can go through it twice, then i can do it and glean so much more!

i know that there are lots of other things i want to start, but those are the ones that come to mind right now. Hopefully i will blog more often so my posts are not so random, and long, but then i guess its whats in my head that needed to come out. . . =p

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